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eBay™ Integrator

The IRIDIUM ebay™ Integrator automatically sends all of the information input from the Product Catalog into the ebay™ listing for each item up for bid or fixed priced items. Beyond product marketing, inventory can be updated and orders can be pulled on a user-defined schedule. As an order is processed, updates are sent to ebay™ in order to activate payment processing and shipping information. 

Product Catalog

From inside the Product Catalog, selecting “Publish to ebay™” function automatically moves the product information onto ebay™ for selling. Product information already entered into the IRIDIUM ebay™ Integrator can be transferred into an ebay™ product listing and allow for changes at any time, including an increase or decrease in the item stock and selling prices.   

Inventory Feeds 

The IRIDIUM tool sends quantity updates to ebay™ throughout the day based on a user-defined schedule. These levels account for unshipped orders as well as any inventory that could be delayed. In the case when quantity is not available but a shipment is expected in “N” days, the tool sends an update to ebay™ in order to reflect the time delay. Inventory feeds can be processed at any time span that is delegated by the user.  

ebay™ Auctions 

When an item is put up for an ebay™ auction, the IRIDIUM ebay™ Integrator allows for you to specify the time and length it is up for bid. By constantly monitoring the auction status, the tool can be configured to end the auction if the item has not received any bids (disabling someone from coming in at the last few seconds of the auction and purchasing an item at the reserve minimum).

More than one auction can run at a time, either staggered or in parallel, and the tool “reserves” this inventory within the system. Auctions can be set to automatically reoccur, with the tool keeping the inventory flagged as unavailable on other sales channels.

Items can also be configured as, or converted to, “Buy It Now” status based on the profitability of the item within ebay™. In other words, the IRIDIUM ebay™ Integrator calculates the number of bids on an item and the overall profitability to determine the best sales channel configurations on eBay™ (standalone or auction).