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Sales and POS
  • Changes made on customer information are reflected throughout the entire system
  • Conduct quote inquiries for a specific location or across all locations
  • Items scheduled for pickup or delivery are added to the Pickup/Layaway System or Delivery Planning System, respectively, and are not relieved from the Inventory Management System until they are completed.
  • Store voided sales orders within the system that can be tracked and reviewed accordingly.
  • Verify the status of sales order items for a specific location or across all locations
  • Sales information for a given sales date, or date range, based on the sales representative, store location, item type and vendor.
  • Educated decisions can be made by purchasing departments regarding re-order quantities, by referencing the sales analysis tool
  • Search for an item availability at the point of sale
  • View on-order quantities, allocated quantities, and on-hand quantities for all locations.
  • Multiple payment methods including any combination of cash, credit card, finance, checks, gift certificates, etc.
  • Ensure accurate bookkeeping and eliminate manual data re-entry
  • Produce sales summary inquires for any location and date range.
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Allocate sales to a specific representative (or split a sale between multiple reps) for commission tracking.
  • Allow specified sales reps to work the deal, allowing them to fluctuate with a margin discount.
Key Features
  • Quoting
    • New Quotes
      • Easily create new quotes from new or existing customers
      • Update billing and shipping information on new and existing quote data
      • Create and approve items that are not currently in the inventory system.
      • Quotes are tracked in corollary to CRM. This feature permits records of future follow-ups, specific interests and other special notes, all in one step.
    • Won or Lost
      • Track quotes based on a “won” or “lost” status
      • Convert “won” quotes into sales orders or invoices to reduce additional labor during order fulfillment
      • Categorize “lost” quotes by pre-defined, configurable list of reasons
      • Search inquiries by: specific quote numbers, open or closed status, approved or unapproved status, and won or lost criteria.
    • Quote Tracking
      • Track quote status by creation date, expiration date, quote number, sales representative ID number, customized payment terms, amount, profit margin and the location from which the quote was created.
      • Sales order status may be tracked based on creation date, sales representative ID number, and the locations from which the sales order was created.
  • Sales Orders
    • New Sales Orders
      • Create sales orders for new and existing customers
      • Any updated changers are reflected throughout the entire system.
      • Universal billing and shipping information may also be updated based on new and existing sales order data.
      • Approval
      • Generate and print invoices on approved sales orders
    • Sales Order Inquiries and Status Reports
      • Conduct sales order inquiries for a specific location or across all locations
      • Compile status reports for sales processes and order-booking analysis
      • Search criteria for inquiries and status reports: specific sales order number, closed or voided status, approved or unapproved status, and start or end date
    • Sales Order Item Status
      • Personalize customer service, by verifying item status by all or by individual sales representatives
      • Search criteria for the item status include, all items, non-allocated items, currently unavailable items, and items needing to be purchased.
  • Invoicing
    • New Invoices
      • Invoice automatically saves to set the fulfillment process in action.
      • New invoices are easily created for both new and existing customers.
    • Invoice Inquiries
      High-level and detailed information on an invoice are displayed on a split-screen. High-level information
      • The invoice number
      • Sales order number
      • Invoice date
      • Invoice amount
      • Used deposit amount
      • Payment/deposit amount
      • Company/customer name
      • Payment type
      Detailed invoice information
      • The item number
      • Text description
      • Quantity
      • Location
      • Price
      • Extended price
      • Returns
      Classify returns in a special type of invoices referencing both inventoried items and additional line items, including payment methods.
  • Sales Tracking
    Rearrange, customize and sort information on the screen to present financial data in the most effective way.
  • Common Sales/ POS Features
    • Tracking
      Easily trace and identify each new quote, invoice or sales order by its unique number
    • Adding Items
      “top-five” recommendations are automatically generated and displayed at the time of sale 3 classifications of how the customer takes possession of the item
      • Take-along
      • Pick-up
      • Delivery
    • Payment Options
      • Additional payment methods may be defined within the system by a user with administrative rights.
      • Price books are assigned to each location and all contain multiple levels of unique pricing options
    • Sales Tax
      Multiple sales tax configurations may be defined within the system
  • Daily Closing Check List
    Cash drawer amounts, and all summarized pay type amounts are displayed, as well as credit card batch numbers, batch totals, and batch invoice amounts  are presented on the check list report generated for daily closing.
  • Profit Analysis
    Generate profit analysis reports by locations, for any given time.
  • Bank Deposit
    Generate bank deposit reports as a means of viewing both itemized and total cash and check deposit amounts
  • Daily Sales Journal
    Generate daily sales journals to view total sales by location and associated sales representatives
  • Sales Summary Inquiries and Reports
    Net sales, gross profits, and profit margins are displayed, as well as individual details for each line item including sales tax and items sales and cost of goods sold.