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Web Store

The IRIDIUM tool offers you ability to have an online presence, separate from or eBay, with a shopping cart, product searching capabilities, a variety of shipping methods, and promo code functionalities. The information within the product catalog is published onto the web store, allowing customers to add products to a shopping cart and then purchase the items.

Attached to each product is a product profile that is defined when the item is first entered into the inventory system. This profile includes: the brand, keywords, size, sizing variations, color, color variations, categories, and subcategories, text description, highlight points, recommended items, and items it commonly purchased with.

The predefined categories and subcategories, along with brand name and keywords, are used to facilitate an easy product search. A search can bring up a specific item or a category of items, allowing for a quick-and-easy user interaction. Categories are also utilized in the product tree. The product tree (or bread crumb trail) acts as a guide for customers to see how they arrived at a product or category and makes it possible to move back up the product tree. Ultimately, bread crumb trails makes it easier for users to back out of a product or category. Bread Crumb trails and category trees (the listing tree) are defined with the listings and all of these pieces are defined in the product database.

Once the customer has added the desired items into the shopping cart, there are two options for beginning the checkout process: Guest Check Out or Existing Customer Login. Guest Check Out is intended for those users who wish not to create an account for return purchases, and Existing Customer Login is for those customers who have shopped previously or want to create a login account that is used to track their purchase history and provide contact information for discount offers and product updates.

The IRIDIUM tool can incorporate unique promotional codes that are used for discounts on specific items or the inventory as a whole. Promo codes can also be utilized for free shipping.

The IRIDIUM tool supports a variety of payment methods including, Visa, Master Card, and PayPal.