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Inventory Merchandise Transfer
Inventory is transferred from one location to another by creating a merchandise transfer. Transfers can be created from any location, regardless of inventory origin. The sending location enters the actual quantity sent (which may or may not match the requested quantity), and the receiving location receives the quantity that was sent. All transactions affecting inventory are recorded, capturing details of the transaction, including the individuals performing the entry.

Transfer inquiries may then be performed on the merchandise transfer (regardless if it is open, closed, or voided) to verify the correct item(s) were transferred to and from the specified locations, and to update the received quantities accordingly.

In determining which inventory items should be transferred to a new location, inventory may be manually selected. An inquiry may also be conducted to determine which stock items are currently less than the minimum stock levels. These items may then be transferred using predefined reorder quantities. In general, when min and max stock levels are defined on a location basis, inventory can be more effectively and intelligently managed through the tool.