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Amazon Integrator

The IRIDIUM Amazon Integrator passes product information to Amazon in order to form product listings, retrieve orders placed on Amazon, and send tracking information back when orders are shipped—all while keeping inventory balances between the warehouse and Amazon in sync.  

Amazon Listing Information 

Within a specific item profile in the “Publish to Amazon” selection are specific fields, such as the Item Type, that are unique to an Amazon product listing. The Item Type is particularly unique because it constructs the path (i.e., the bread crumb trail) that leads a customer to the item when browsing. All of the options available when listing a product directly on are available in the IRIDIUM Amazon Integrator.

Product information already entered into the IRIDIUM Amazon Integrator can be transferred into an Amazon product listing and allow for changes at any time, including an increase or decrease in the item stock and selling prices.   

Inventory Feeds

The IRIDIUM tool sends quantity updates to Amazon throughout the day based on a user-defined schedule. These levels account for unshipped orders as well as any inventory that could be delayed. In the case when quantity is not available but a shipment is expected in “N” days, the tool sends an update to Amazon in order to reflect the time delay. Inventory feeds can be processed at any time span that is delegated by the user.