Watch a Demo on Pickup and Layaway
Pickup and Layaway
The IRIDIUM Retail Management Software tool records pickup of items at each retail or warehouse location. The date of pickup and name of person claiming the item are recorded into the system for tracking purposes.
Pickup tickets may be printed at the time of sale as an official pickup ticket. Both existing customers and third-party shipping companies can be grouped for easy identification and item pickup.
As items are picked up, the tool prompts the sales representative or warehouse employee to collect any outstanding balance due on the order. By selecting the “verify sent” functionality at the time of pickup, the Inventory Management System automatically updates inventory balances accordingly. Sales orders that have not already been converted into sales invoices (for example, items on layaway) are done so at this point. These sales then become part of that location’s daily sales.
Pickup Inquiry
New, picked up, and voided orders may be viewed across any, and all, locations within a specified time frame. Delivery types (such as pickup or third-party shipping company) may also be specified as a search criteria. Additionally, items to be picked up may be tagged as reserved using the “pick and send” functionality of the Inventory Management System.

Pickup Status Report
Pickup status reports may also be generated for all new, picked up, and voided orders. These reports may also be printed, as well as be exported to Adobe® PDF or Microsoft® Excel® formats for electronic formatting and distribution.