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Sales Representative Inquiry
The IRIDIUM Retail Management Software tool measures the productivity of sales representatives for one location, or across all stores—allowing for the accurate calculation of sales-based commissions. By definition, the tool calculates productivity according to sales volumes, cost of goods, net profits, and profit margins.

Additionally, invoice counts, item counts, average sale, and items/ sale are calculated for review and analysis. If the sales representative uses the time clock, sales per hour and prospects/ opportunities are provided along with sales conversion rates.

By drilling down into productivity inquiry data, the tool provides a detailed list of items sold by individual sales representatives. Given the inventory item, a complete list of customer contact information and additional items on the sales invoice is also available.
Productivity Reports
Sales representative reports may be generated and printed. These items may also be exported to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel formats for electronic formatting and distribution.

Location Sales Inquiry
Productivity of any, or all, retail locations can be determined through sales volume numbers listed in the invoice inquiry screen (linking the Productivity Tracking System with the Invoicing System).

Sales productivity may also be broken down across sales regions and sales locations in the sales summary area of the tool. Financial information is displayed as paid, voided, returned, and net for any given day. This information may also be displayed to show month-to-date activity for any one sales location.