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Behind the Scenes

Order Processing 

As items are sold from the Web Store, Amazon, eBay sales channels, the IRIDIUM tool automatically sends a receipt of order from within the respective sales channel and communicates shipment and tracking information to the customer.

Customer feedback, comments, and review request can also be solicited from within the IRIDIUM tool, by email, once the product has been received by the customer.  


As items are sold from the Web Store, Amazon or the eBay sales channels, the IRIDIUM tool automatically pulls the order down from the respective sites (if applicable). This eliminates the scenario where the same item is sold in different places to different people and keeps an accurate inventory in the warehouse.

As new items are added to the system, the IRIDIUM tool continuously updates the available inventory in the Web Store, Amazon and eBay. 


In any business, managing employees, vendors, and daily sales is time consuming and ongoing. The IRIDIUM tool helps to automate, monitor, and track productivity, commissions earned and paid, how well products are selling, and provide immediate feedback that answers the question, “How am I doing today?” Not to mention, all of this information is available on your mobile device.  


The backbone of any business, how you manage your books says volumes about how you run your company. Keeping the Accounting system streamlined, the IRIDIUM tool is configured with a highly-customizable general ledger as well as portals for accounts payable and accounts receivable. A third-party processor that links back to the tool retains credit card information. This allows the processor to make multiple, or reoccurring, payments for customers within the IRIDIUM system.